Spheruler Solutions is a deep-tech startup providing novel 3D modeling methods and digital imaging software solutions in product designing, automated inspection & analysis for manufacturing, aerospace, defence and education sectors. We offer customized methods and geometrical algorithms in image analysis for effective capturing, editing and interactive rendering of 3D objects, scenes.

A picture is worth a thousand words'. But, a given physical object can have innumerable images depending on the view point. We provide a comprehensive solution for capturing photographs of products from many precise angles, combining them into a single digital image format, and render a realistic interactive image on viewer screen.


To innovate and delight customers with elegant 3D imaging solutions


  • To meet the clients' needs for effective visual communication and inspection of products
  • To standardize an image based surface data    format for wide adoption and use
  • To develop and deliver novel solutions for      imaging of scenes and objects
  • To bring innovative solutions in spherical geometry and orientation analysis


Placed in Top 400 among all the leading Startups in India

Indian Patent for the
Four-circle 3D Image Format

U.S. Patent


Guru Shankar S

email guru@spherulersolutions.com
phone +91 90808 37885
3rd Floor, D Block, IITM Research Park
Kanagam Road, Taramani
Chennai 600113, Tamil Nadu, India