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Spheruler Solutions is a deep tech startup providing digital imaging services to manufacturers, shopping portals, design engineers and education sectors. We offer customized methods for companies to efficiently capture and render 3D image content of products.


'A picture is worth a thousand words', but a given physical object can have innumerable images depending on the view point. We provide a comprehensive solution for capturing photographs of products from many precise angles, combining them into a single digital image format, and render a realistic interactive image on viewer screen.


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To innovate and delight customers with elegant 3D imaging solutions


  • To meet the clients' needs for effective visual communication and inspection of products
  • To standardize a image based surface data format for wide adoption and use
  • To develop and deliver novel solutions in imaging of scenes and objects
  • To bring innovative hardware and software solutions for spherical geometry and orientation analysis



Spheruler Solutions Private Limited

Karthikeyan T/ Guru Shankar S
phone +91 81440 85983, 98418 64019
email info@spherulersolutions.com

3rd Floor, D Block, IITM Research Park
Kanagam Road, Taramani
Chennai 600113, Tamil Nadu, India